Our Collaborators

Equity Bank (K) Limited is a fully-fledged commercial bank that has a passionate commitment to empower its clients to transform their lives and livelihoods through inclusive financial intermediation. With a business model that is anchored on access, convenience and flexibility, the Bank has evolved to become a model for of other institutions worldwide to extend financial services to the low income segment and the un-banked population.  They are responsible for the following components of the intervention: 1) Managing and administering the loans; 2) Providing training on financial management; 3) Collection of loan repayments in accordance with terms agreed upon with our team; 4) Collaborating with KickStart and other partners to disseminate this intervention elsewhere in Kenya and East Africa.

KickStart International, an international NGO that designs, promotes and mass-markets simple moneymaking irrigation tools that smallholder farmers buy and use to start highly profitable family enterprises.  KickStart developed the MoneyMaker Max Irrigation Pump that is used in this study.  KickStart will be responsible for the following: 1) Distributing the farming implements and human powered water-pump; 2) Training participants on using the irrigation pumps to help expand agricultural productivity; 3) Developing and implementing the agricultural training curriculum along with the UCSF and KEMRI teams; 4) Working with all of our partners on dissemination of the intervention to elsewhere in Kenya and East Africa. Shamba Maisha is highlighted in KickStart's 2017 Annual Report

Pumps, Prosperity and Household Power: Experimental Evidence on Irrigation Pumps and Smallholder Farmers in Kenya written by Julian Dyer and Jeremy Shapiro was published in March 2022 on Sustainability Research & Policy Network (SSRN).

A Seed of Maize is a powerful short film by Emmy award-winning director Topaz Adizes and award-winning producer Ofir Kedar. Filmed in a unique docudrama vérité style, A Seed of Maize follows a poor farming family as they face the biggest dilemma of their lives. Shot in rural Zambia, this raw and honest story explores some of the most pressing issues of our time—poverty, health, and girls’ education—against the backdrop of tradition, community, and family.  


We are conducting this study in collaboration with the Kenyan Ministry of Health and with support from Family AIDS Care and Education Service (FACES). In addition, we collaborate with the UC Global Health Institute (UCGHI)

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) funds the study.