• Shamba Maisha was highlighted in the National Institute of Mental Health Director's Messages 
  • We completed study follow-up for 541 of the 746 participants.  
  • Intervention participants have completed the agriculture and finance training 
  • 332 intervention participants have received their asset loans 
  • Shamba Maisha was highlighted at UCSF
  • KickStart International released a new film, called A Seed of Maize. Filmed in a unique docudrama vérité style, A Seed of Maize follows a poor farming family as they face the biggest dilemma of their lives. Shot in rural Zambia, this raw and honest story explores some of the most pressing issues of our time—poverty, health, and girls’ education—against the backdrop of tradition, community, and family.
  • KickStart International just released their 2017 Annual Report which highlights the Shamba Maisha study.
  • Nobel Prize in Economics awarded for work alleviating poverty