Center of Sustainable Development for Health

Our Mission: Optimizing health and wellbeing through eliminating food insecurity and poverty for millions of people worldwide

  • Most development solutions do not include health and vice versa.  We are setting out to create a new paradigm to align development for health.
  • We believe health and development leaders must create meaningful partnerships to address the interrelated conditions of food insecurity, poverty, and poor health.
  • By addressing two of the most pervasive root causes of many health problems, food insecurity and poverty, we will be improving health across the lifespan.

How we do it?

Most health strategies target specific diseases using a vertical biomedically-based approach that usually leave out drivers of disease like food insecurity and poverty. The CSDH targets specific health outcomes by using a horizontal, root cause approach (see Figure below) that incorporates biomedical pathways and the external conditions that determine a biomedical pathway’s success.  Combined with training the next generations of transdisciplinary researchers and policy experts, we aim to develop new methodology to create sustainable solutions to improve health with a focus on reproductive health, communicable and non-communicable diseases.